About Renaissance

OK here’s the short version…

The story of Renaissance began on a sodden Saturday night in February 2005 after watching Everton take a beating at the hands of Manchester United in the FA Cup.

Aaron, Andrew, and Chidi discussed the merits of forming a five-a-side football team whilst juiced up on grappa and after much deliberation concluded it was a worthwhile venture.

It was a long and torturous process finding a name for the team and many possibilities were put forward, including: ‘Bête Noires’, ‘The Contemptibles’, ‘Ministry of Defence’, ‘Wine, Women, & Song’, and ‘Stop! Or My Team Will Shoot’.

But it wasn’t until weeks later, after an intensive workshop and brain-storming session, that David suggested the name, Renaissance.

We all ooh-ed and aah-ed, patted each other on the back, and reached unanimous agreement in choosing a name to strike terror in the hearts of opposition from Barnes to Bayswater and beyond.

And that’s the very short story of how Renaissance came to be.
Keywords: grappa, workshops, wandle centre, wine, women, and song.

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