Big Kick vs. The Virgins – Minute by minute

Big Kick 4-1 The Virgins

Heading up to Tufnell Park now. See you in about 40 mins. Hit refresh for the latest info.

Pull out the shades! Its a very warm evening here and there’s a slight breeze. Perfect playing conditions. The Virgins have a full team here already and are warming up and discussing tactics. No sign of Big Kick. Yet.

Renaissance require a result from The Virgins to keep their title hopes alive. A Big Kick will hand them the league title.

BK have finally arrived. 5 of them anyway. Their goalie says they’ll be willing to throw the game if The Round Up coughs up…

1 min: GOAL! BK 1-0 TV. A fairly routine goal there.

3 mins: GOAL! BK 2-0 TV

4 mins: TV at 6s and 7s here…

6 mins: TV have steadied the ship and should have pulled one back

7 mins: GOAL! BK 3-0 TV 

This game is over.

No typo.

?? mins: Game petering out.

My Nokia’s phone connection is dying. Not sure if you’re getting these updates. I’m off home.

Yeah F the apps. Especiallly lousy Nokias.

Home at last! Big props to those who hung around to endure this Nokia-sponsored debacle. I left at 4-1 with five mins to go. The best team won it. Congrats Big Kick. The terceiro is over for now… unless there was an inspired five minute comeback or a glorious 5-point deducting mass brawl………….. Nah. Raspberry Beret has started playing on my stereo. Not sure what the significance of that is. Laters.

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Chidi Umeh
Chidi is officially a "fan of football" having given up on supporting Liverpool in 1998. He spends much of his time building websites, "messing around on computers", and throwing rotten vegetables at his nearby Westfield.


  1. Live text commentary, this is better than the beeb! Come on Mottie, tell us it’s a no-show…

  2. Tell C-face he must know a %$”!

    Come On The Virgins…

  3. Throw us a bone Virgins……

  4. Tut… I see how this is gonna go…

  5. 3?!! Already? Please be a typo!

  6. At least they pulled one back. Time to raid the renaissance piggy-bank… and what do we find?… an IOU from Rem for essential Ipad app costs!

  7. F the apps, Rem will give them the iPad……make the offer……

    TAIBR says 4-3…..

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