From Barca to Bayern

From Barca to Bayern

Pep Guardiola will rekindle his love with the game as he takes charge of Bayern Munich next season.

The Bundesliga is more competitive with Dortmund winning the league last year. However, the history books show that Bayern are by far the most successful team in Germany. They look set to reclaim their dominance this year by already holding a nine point lead. This begs the obvious question, why did he choose Munich?

Like Barcelona, Bayen have a rich history which would attract any top manager. The chance to mould young talents like David Alaba, Thomas Muller and Xherdan Shaqir would certainly not harm either.

Pep will hope to erase the memory of Chelsea’s hijack on home turf

Pep will hope to erase the memory of Chelsea’s hijack on home turf

Whilst Munich is the safe option, he would have surely been tempted by a move from a big Premier League club? The prospect of him revamping Arsenal or bringing stability to Chelsea would surely appeal to both himself and the fans of both respective clubs?

It would be unfair to say it is because a lack of ambition as the success he has brought to Barcelona is unmatched. People are quick to forget that Barcelona were in decline when he took reigns; knocked out in the semi finals of the Champions League and finshing third in La Liga. He managed to turn this around by winning the treble in his first season, moving on the old guard including Deco and Ronaldinho. This was a brave move which allowed a certain Lionel Messi to rapidly come of age. The Argentinian, along with teammates are the Nou Camp produced footballing theatre which saw them held by many as the greatest team ever.

The logic behind his choice could be that he simply wanted a club which afforded him full control. The press is already stating that he will be granted a vast kitty to bring in some fresh blood. This suggests that he will be left to his own device to manage the club in the way he sees best fit. A luxury which is nowadays a rarity in football

More importantly is the fact that Guardiola is a man of vision; because of this vision he will patiently await the eventual retirement of a certain Scotsmen in Manchester . The perfect plan for footballs perfect man.

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  1. Nice article, Kester.

    Bayern is indeed a safe choice so Pep will be judged on what he can do in the CL and will probably be given 3 gos, they can be as ruthless as anyone when results go awry….

    Domestically, well we’ll just need to tune in to ITV4 @ 4 am every week to see what’s going on there…..or get ESPN…and we’ll probably do neither……but he should be ok for a few titles, though I don’t personally see Bundesliga triumphs, ditto Serie A, as carrying much weight these days. Its a 2 horse race in Die Bundesliga right now.

    Last but not least, as Villanova is showing at Barca so far it’s mainly the system (and the crown jewel of Messi) that is king there. Cruyff and even former Bayern man Louis VG can claim as much credit for that as Guardiola can in my book, so to try and counter-act the Pep love in that’s been in full flow these last few weeks (yeah Sid Lowe, you!), lets see how he gets on in the “real world”.

    I personally like the guy and hope he does well, apart from against Everton in the Champions League. Woo!

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