The Extras

Video Gallery
A collection of our videos from missing sitters, scoring goals, and taking pledges.

Le Tournoi photos
Renaissance collect their first piece of silverware at the Wandsworth Tournoi.

Renai awards May 2007 photo gallery
It was all about The Product, Frankie’s, and Cedric the Entertainer. You can also view photos from the Signing of Scholesy…

Renaissance glossary
Don’t know your hot cakes from your fugazis? Then check out the Renaissance index of definitions. It’s all about the terminology.

The Blueprint
Stock up on aspirin, prepare for the toffee to hit the fan, and get ready to nominate for the Worst Excuse for Missing a Game award. Here’s a quick shakedown of the things we need to do in order to ready ourselves for the season ahead. Here is The Blueprint and it applies to one and all

Renai awards – May 2006
We’re taking a stand to give you the list of winners and reveal all photos from the inaugural Renai awards.

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