Renaissance Glossary

rembrandt reading the glossaryDon’t know your hot cakes from your fugazis? Then check out the Renaissance index of definitions. It’s all about the terminology.

a ha!
an exclamation commonly used to express enlightment, shock, surprise, or when one has been busted.
often said at the end of a joke or question.

button moon (more popularly known as heightingrainbow, and sombrero)
used when the ball is deftly dinked over an opponent’s head and collected with minimal fuss on the other side.
taken from an 80’s Thames TV production where a home-made Heinz rocketship arches over the moon.

1. a blueprint of plans for an intense training session.
2. a highly detailed and thorough critique of an opponents strengths and weaknesses.

a type of pass designed to encourage a more urgent and deliberate passage of play.

1. a waste of time; or a useless person, situation, or thing.
2. the ability to worsen an already desperate situation.

hot cake (also known as hot potato)
a stray pass made in a rushed manner;
usually said when a number of quick passes result in the oppostion regaining possession.
(e.g. “It’s a hotcake!”)

hussa russa
definition unclear.
believed to have originated from seedi.

it’s all about…
a phrase used to wrap up a general idea or rant.
(e.g. “it’s all about positional knowledge”)
(e.g. “it’s all about Mr. Lee”)

merk (verb)
1. to make someone look foolish.
2. to embarrass or humiliate someone and brag in the aftermath.

One More Try. The decision to participate in the 2007 Camden summer campaign and give the Top Corner league one final shot. Often and incorrectly cited as One More Time.

osgood schlatter
1. a benign knee condition.
2. a fugazi injury.

> parasite park
satirical name given to the riff-raff ridden and shambolic facilities at Paradise Park

private project
a short-lived affair with a mysterious woman.

rekindle the magic
when one hears these words shouted at them whilst on the pitch, it’s that individual’s duty to produce something special, and equal anything they’ve done in their footballing career.

shoot her!
used when a player is within shooting distance of goal.
taken from one of the Jurassic Park films.

test him!
used when a player is just about to take a shot on goal.
this phrase is often a handicap as it only serves to disorientate the shooting player and result in a wild attempt at goal.

>the product
Refers to the Renai awards ceremony with special consideration given to the marketing strategy, creative direction, branding, and enterprise communications which guarantee the conditions for a smoothly run event.

there’s two here!
used when a Renaissance player is inconveniently left marking two players in a dangerous position.
always yelled.

twine (verb)
used when mad skillz are performed to twist, turn, and bankrupt a player.

where’s my monies?
MuwangaSpeak – a phrase used by James Lutaya Muwanga when ready to collect money owed to TopCorner.

an exclamation of delight, appreciation, and congratulation.
most often used when a goal is scored or an outrageous skill or feat performed.
also made popular by wrestler Rick Flair
(e.g. Triple H: “Wasup Ric?”
Ric Flair: “Woo!”
HHH: “Flair, you’re an idiot.”
Flair: “Woo!”)

[a] whale of a time
used to describe individuals having so much of a good time that they’re fit to burst.
emphasis on the “whale”.
(e.g. “Those fellas are gonna have a whaaaaaaaaale of a time!”)

where’s he playing?
this phrase will be sung in chorus by all the players on the field when a substitution is made. it will be accompanied by looks of confusion, finger-pointing and reconfirmation of player’s position.
(e.g. “Dave where you playing?! Dave!? DAVID?!!!”)

an intensive training session.
players re-learn the basics of the game by running around cones, jumping through hoops, and must demonstrate an ability to trap the ball and make a straight pass.


  1. Hi Guys,

    fantastic website, great efforts all around

    Leona, Billy and I would like to offer a few suggestions for the Glossary, well here are mine, I’m sure Leo and Bill will leave theirs soon.

    BASIC, preceeded by well, propper, you’re or that’s
    i) One who is deemed to operate at a very minimal level of existance i.e. just about realising one breath ends, quick, draw another!
    ii) a time or event of great stupidity.
    used in a sentance: “mate, that’s proper basic, just leave”.

    I’D TOUCH THAT/YOU GOT TOUCHED, preceeded by yeah, you know, of course and without a doubt, maybe, i don’t think, i’d never etc
    i) to show great affection for the female form, particularly amongst male friends
    ii) in the negative, to show displeasure at the female form
    used in a sentance: “Id definitly touch that, without fail”

    i) to express the short comings of a friend, associate or colleague in a sporting, social or working environemnt
    ii) to express the short comings of a group, organisation, team or fellowship
    used in a sentance: “yep, he definitely got touched in places he didn’t know existed”

    Thanks for your time


  2. Thanks Raj.. happy to hear you like the site. Still a fair chunk of work remaining but we’re almost there.

  3. Yeah like those comments “Basic” sounds good – “Touched” I don’t know man we’re old dudes now – them profile pics are from back in 2002 ain’t none of us being “touched”… Might have to add (Tim Westwood style) “Blessed” preceded by You’ve been, you were, he got – not to be confused with christened which relates to just getting your new shoes stamped on back in secondary school… Blessed refers to being twined, skilled, bedazzled, owned… Take this dude here – he got blessed…

  4. Rem, you’ll have to give us a definition of “No way”…

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