Where’s McCurdy?

Where’s McCurdy?

David McCurdy

Have you seen this man?

Have you seen this man?

He’s 6’3″, slim, and has a languid gait. If you’ve seen him it’s only because you arrived early.

He was last seen enjoying a Jim Beam at a burlesque show in central London on July 4th when he should have been playing for Renaissance.

He might be carrying a Macbook and wearing a beard so we’re warning members of the public not to approach him. He’s not dangerous or a menace to society but we advise against confronting for his own good. Just report any sightings here.

What else? Oh, he likes to dance the fandango.

Help us find him.


Tweet: #wheresmccurdy

Google keywords: burlesque, nipple tassels, tardiness, osgood schlatter, fandango

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